5 Most Basic Chores for a Spring Clean Routine

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Australians have a knack for spring cleaning their homes. As the summer season nears, the trend in Australian households is too deep clean, declutter, and spruce up their homes after being locked up over the winter season. Hope we can help with your spring clean routine in this article.

Read this piece to spring clean your house and find more about it.

Perfect time to spring clean

House spring cleaning isn’t just a nice-sounding phrase, it’s a real annual thing Australians are involved with. It’s an annual habit. Here at Effly, we’ve been checking our yearly data and can conclude that Australians love to spring clean their homes – around October month in particular.

October is also the most active month for hiring professional cleaners, as Effly undergoes a surge in the number of requests for our Spring Clean Melbourne services during the month.

To-do Lists for a Spring Clean Routine

Our experience equipped us to create a spring clean routine checklist. Australian house owners can use this spring clean routine checklist when it comes to deep cleaning their homes in welcoming the summer season. So, here goes the list…

Window washing and cleaning

Window washing and cleaning is a task that needs to be done regularly to maintain the appearance of the home. Window cleaning can be done with a bucket, sponge, and water or with a window cleaner. A squeegee is used to remove excess water from the window surface. It should be used in a downward motion on the exterior side of the window, then flipped over and used in an upward motion on the interior side of the window. The squeegee should never be dragged across any surface other than glass because it can scratch surfaces such as wood or metal.

We receive around 30% more on average for window washing and cleaning service during the spring season. Window cleaning is one of our most popular cleaning services during this season and it’s one way for Australians to welcome the summer season.

Clean your windows

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Deep cleaning carpets

Deep cleaning carpets can be a difficult and costly task for many homeowners. It can be time-consuming and it often requires the use of harsh chemicals. Deep cleaning carpets is a process that requires high levels of expertise and experience. It can be done using the following steps:

  1. Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove any loose soil or debris.
  2. Apply a pre-spray treatment to the carpet using a spray gun, scrub brush, or mop and bucket.
  3. Rinse the carpet with clean water, agitating with a scrub brush to remove stubborn stains and soil from deep within the pile of carpet fibers.
  4. Rinse the carpet again with clean water and extract as much water out as possible by means of a vacuum cleaner or wet/dry vacuum cleaner (or by blotting with towels).

The season of spring is one of the most popular seasons when Australians invest time and resources to deep clean their home including carpets. We receive around 8 percent more on average for this service during this season.

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Pressure cleaning

Pressure washing is a cleaning process that uses high-pressure water to remove dirt and debris from a surface. Pressure washing is often used in the maintenance of buildings, bridges, and other structures. Pressure washing is also used for cleaning driveways, sidewalks, patios, decks, and lawn furniture. It may be used before painting or other surface finishing to remove dirt from the surface. A tool you can purchase is a pressure washer. It typically consists of a gas-operated pump connected to a hand-held wand with a nozzle on the end that directs the water flow at high pressure onto the surface to be cleaned. The pump supplies water at pressures of up to 2200 pounds per square inch (psi) which can exceed 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 degrees Celsius). The most important thing to remember when pressure washing is to be sure that you are using the right type of soap or detergent. It should be non-detergent or biodegradable and phosphate-free, as these types of soaps are less harmful to the environment. When pressure washing, it’s also important to make sure that you don’t use too much water, as this can cause damage.

Prior to the spring season – winter causes slippery pavers and driveways due to grime that built up. You can also take advantage of this service by ridding cobwebs, dust, and salt build-up if you are near or in coastal areas.

cleaning myths

Garbage disposal

Sprucing up, deep cleaning, and decluttering your home means more garbage is created this season. So always remember to segregate and throw them away.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning involves removing dried leaves and twigs to allow the drainage to work properly. At Effly, we make sure to check for damages on the roof and install gutter guards to keep the leaves and debris away. We usually receive around 33% more job requests during the spring season.

Professional one-time domestic cleaning or deep cleaning

As the Australians welcome the spring season, so is the demand for reliable one-time domestic cleaning or deep cleaning. The cleaning involves window frames, walls, ceilings, and other surfaces in all areas of the house, including upholstery and appliance cleaning.

Hiring spring cleaning experts

If you’re planning to freshen up your house and garden this spring season, booking a one-time professional domestic cleaning can save you a lot of time. Each year, we receive around an 18% increase on average in deep cleaning or one-time cleaning requests at Effly. You may want to give the job to a reputable cleaning agency like Effly if you’re in Melbourne.

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