6 Awesome Bathroom Cleaning Facts You Should Know

Bathrooms are among the dirtiest places in your house, but they are surprisingly neglected when cleaning. Things can get nasty sometimes, but you don’t want to believe it. The smells, the stains, and the dirt are just too much to handle on your own. 

Is it worth the time to clean it? And if so, how can we ensure that this cleaning routine is not just an exercise in futility? Here are some amazing bathroom cleaning facts which will help you know how to clean a bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning Facts

  • Using bleach as a cleaner bleach as a cleaner

Sometimes, humans tend to believe what they see on the internet. One of those is the overstated wonders of using bleach as a cleaner. You can use bleach to rid of flu-causing bacteria and other ugly stains.

But to defeat dirt and grime, you will need something stronger. Suppose you have detergents or other surface cleaners. Combine it with bleach and allow it to stay for a few minutes before scrubbing off the dirt and grime.

  • Clean toilets using cola

Using soda to clean your toilet is good for those neglected carbonated drinks in your refrigerator. All it takes is to empty a drink container into the bowl and let the acidity work. It is said that the acid content in soda is powerful enough to remove the stain.

But remember that soda is also composed of sugar, a treat to the bacteria in your toilets. Instead, use a different antimicrobial cleaner to kill the bacteria and disintegrate the stain.

  • Fresh-smelling restrooms are clean.

Pleasant odors are a misleading factor to consider when discussing restrooms’ cleanliness. But the truth is bacteria and uric acid buildup can still exist even with the fresh smell of the bathroom and can still harbor harmful germs.

We recommend implementing a comprehensive washroom hygiene management system that includes air fresheners, deep-clean bacterial treatments, and more to ensure maximum hygiene.

  • Air from hand dryers spreads germs. hand dryers

A study was conducted to assess the cleanliness of the area beneath hand dryers. And findings showed that there was no increase in harmful bacteria. So feel free if you are using hand dryers to dry your hands.

  • Toilet seats spread disease.

Some believe that toilet seats are notorious for spreading common viruses and bacteria. However, these microorganisms do not pose a substantial risk to your health unless you have an open wound or sore, which can be the passage where these germs can pass through.

  • Using the right product.

Using any cleaner just won’t cut it. You must use the right products that will get the job done. Some of these cleaning products may require specific dwell times, which is the time needed for the product to cling to the surface to kill most germs effectively.

Aside from these bathroom cleaning facts, the most important thing to remember is that it is not difficult, and you can get it done. The key is to get in there with the mindset of knowing what needs to be done and how to do it effectively. But if you need some help with your bathroom cleaning, try our domestic cleaning service

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