An Easy Cleaning Guide for the Allergy Sufferers (with a printable checklist)

If using any cleaning products triggers allergies, you cannot follow the regular cleaning regime! Most cleaning products are laden with chemicals that can trigger allergic reactions, making it challenging to keep your home spick and span.

There is a list of common materials that are real culprits behind causing allergies, such as formaldehyde, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate), ammonia, d-limonene and much more. The best way to avoid these reactions is by using natural products free from these harsh chemicals.

Effly, a dependable cleaning company in Melbourne, has a cleaning guide you should know to protect yourself and your family from reactions. Whether you are prone to allergies or someone living with you, following this guide is essential.

Best Cleaning Tools You Should Use

Cleaning starts with having the right cleaning equipment and tools. You can invest in some quality tools to help you clean your home better while making it free from allergens.

Microfiber cloth

Using microfiber mops and cloths will be better than regular cleaning cloth, as microfiber catches more dirt and dust. Moreover, it lasts longer, and you can purchase cleaning clothes at reasonable rates.

A Pro Tip: Before using a microfiber for cleaning, dampen the cloth, and it will act as a dust-eliminator.

Protective gloves and mask

If you are prone to allergies caused by dust, then wearing proper gear is a must. Use disposable masks and gloves so you don’t inhale the dust while cleaning.

Vacuum with UV

You will find vacuum cleaners with a UV light suitable for killing dust mites and allergens. Also, it will help you clean upholstery and other items you cannot wash. Buying a powerful vac with a UV filter can be too expensive for your pocket, so the best thing to do is to hire professional cleaners with Effly.

We have the best powerful industrial vacuum cleaners to clean dust mites and other allergy-causing elements from your home. Here are some benefits of hiring professional house cleaning services in Melbourne.

Natural detergents

Look for natural detergents that are free from harmful dyes and artificial scents. Go for something that has around 80% natural composition with a gentle fragrance.

Some Cleaning Tips to Incorporate into Your Cleaning Schedule

So you have the tools required to minimize the allergens in your house? Excellent, now you are just a few tips away from cleaning your home. Check these cleaning tips every allergy sufferer should know.

For ease of cleaning, we have classified the tips based on different house sections, so you can quickly make a checklist of what to do and where to start.

Kitchen Kitchen Cleaning

  • Clean the refrigerator regularly and make sure that you don’t have any rotten eatables stocked up in the fridge. Mould can find its way through the rotten items making other items unfit to consume.
  • Right after you are done with the cleaning, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the countertop. The dust can settle down on the wet countertop, making it look dirty.
  • Rinse the dishes and use a dishwasher to clean them. Never let the dishes stockpile in the sink as it can attract rodents such as cockroaches that can cause various allergies.
  • Once a month, clean all the drawers and cabinets in the kitchen. Furthermore, look for any cobwebs, and check if there is any foul smell coming from any space.

Bathroom (s)Bathroom Cleaning

  • Mould and mildew can trigger multiple allergies, so keep them at bay. Your bathrooms are prone to mould because of the moisture. Use cleaners with traces of hydrogen peroxide and chlorine bleach, as these are suitable for cleaning the mould.
  • If you see mildew formation in the bathroom, prepare a cleaning solution and get your cleaning gloves. To prepare the solution, mix bleach and water depending on how many areas you want to clean. Clean the mildew using a soft steel brush without damaging the tiles and the floor.
  • Don’t hang and leave your wet towels, as mildew can occur due to the moisture. Dry your towels in an open area so the air strikes the fabric and dries it quickly.
  • Once a month, clean the cabinets, drawer, soap dish, and shower caddy. Also, make sure to clean the showerhead, as minerals deposited in it can also cause allergies. Follow this guide to clean the showerhead.

Bedroom (s)Bedroom Cleaning

  • The bed linens, blankets, and pillowcases can be a house to allergens if not cleaned regularly. Consider washing the bedding by soaking them in lukewarm water since it is ideal for exterminating bacteria. Don’t soak the bedding in the open if you are allergic to pollen.
  • Pay some attention to the closet and clean it once every two weeks. When the clothes you are wearing have dust and dirt in them, it\\\’s evident that you will suffer from allergies.
  •  Vacuum the carpets, and clean all the mess, such as the pet hair lingering in the house.

Living AreaProfessional Cleaning service

  • The living area deserves special attention since you spend most of your day there. Clean the rigs and carpets to remove the dust and pet hair.
  • Vacuum the upholstery, sofa, and other items you cannot wash.
  • Wipe the tabletops, furniture, and artifacts using a microfiber cloth.
  • Clean the appliances like TV and speakers with extra care to remove the dust deposited on them.

Cleaning the living area can be a real challenge as there are many things to clean. So why not hire someone who can make it immaculate? Let Effly do the job for you! Book our professional cleaners, sit back, and relax while we clean the entire house for you.

Entire HouseHouse Cleaning

  • The humidity and temperature in the house can be a reason behind the development of dust mites and moulds. Consider hiring cleaners to clean the vents inside where moulds thrive.
  • Wash the beddings of your pets as they carry a lot of dust, allergens and pollen, so you shouldn’t miss this spot.
  • Declutter your home, and get rid of items you don’t use and are just catching dust while occupying space in the house.

Final Thoughts

This cleaning guide lets you make your home pristine and clean without triggering any allergies. The best way to get a house cleaned is by hiring professional cleaners with better tricks and tools to clean your property.

At Effly, we offer domestic cleaning services, and you can get a customized cleaning package with us. Click the Contact Us button, and we will clean your house at reasonable rates, so you don’t have to step in a skirmish with dust mites and allergens.

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