A Comprehensive Guide For End of Lease Cleaning

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Are you planning on moving soon? 

Here is something you should know. Whether renting or selling your house, you must leave it in superior condition. Or at least in an acceptable condition. 

You need to do end of lease cleaning to get your security deposit back if you rent. This is because many landlords require their tenants to hand the property in excellent condition before moving out of the property.

For those selling their home, you must clean it before giving the key to the new owner. While it may not be a requirement, it is expected for sellers to clean when leaving the house.

One reliable way to accomplish this is by creating an end-of-lease cleaning checklist. End-of-lease cleaning is quite helpful whether you are doing the tasks yourself or hiring professionals for bond cleaning.

End of Lease Cleaning Checklist

There is no one-size-fits-all moving-out cleaning checklist. It depends on the dimensions of the property and how clean it is. However, here is a simple end of lease cleaning checklist for a seamless move-out.

  1. Remove all your personal property: Remove it from the house—empty its contents, including furniture and wall art.
  2. Vacuum the floors: Give your home a once-over—vacuum all the rooms, including the stairs, closets, nooks, and hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Wipe down surfaces: Use an all-purpose cleaner and a clean cloth or tissue paper roll. Dust and wipe down the bookshelves, countertops (in the kitchen and bathroom), mantles and all other surfaces.
  4. Clean the interiors of all cabinets: end-of-lease cleaning should also include tidying up the cabinet interiors. This is because the kitchen cabinets collect food crumbs and other residues.
  5. Clean the appliances: Stainless steel appliances are covered in markings and fingerprints. Wipe it down with an all-purpose spray made by mixing vinegar and water. You can also opt for an all-purpose cleaner. 
  6. Clean the bathroom: End of Lease cleaning includes making the bathroom spiffy clean. Scrub and clean the toilets, countertop, sinks, shower and bathtubs. Remove any signs of rust, mould, and mildew before you vacate the house.
  7. Clean the closets: After removing the clothes and accessories, you need to wipe all the shelves and hang rods in the closets. You should also vacuum the closet bases and double-check if there are any personal items left.
  8. Remove the wall anchors and nails fixed on the wall: Unless your landlord will not mind the hooks, nails, and wall anchors, it is better to remove them before moving out.
  9. Fill the holes and repair the drywall: After removing the nails, drywall anchors, and hooks, make sure to patch up unsightly holes in the wall. Repair damaged walls. We strongly advise getting a handyperson for this task.
  10. Touch up scratches and marking with paint: Another important part of bond cleaning is repairing scratches. Touch up any markings and scratches left on the walls. Hire a painter to do the job perfectly.
  11. Clean and sanitise the fridge and freezer. Remove the contents and wipe down the interiors with a disinfectant spray. Make sure to eliminate all the remaining food crumbs as well.
  12. Clean the oven and stovetop: Other places where you should pay special attention in the kitchen are the oven and stovetop. If the stove is a gas range, remove its top part and clean under all the burners. A simple water and baking combination can deep clean the oven; You can also use vinegar.
  13. Mop the floors: After wiping down and vacuuming the house, end your bond cleaning by giving your floors a good mopping. Combine a small amount of vinegar with warm water and use it on your floors.


Hiring End of Lease Cleaning Service

You have two choices to tackle your end-of-lease cleaning: clean it yourself or hire professional cleaners. We strongly advise hiring professionals for those who are renting and want to get back their security bond. 

If you want to save money and have plenty of time, cleaning the property yourself is a good option. 

To help make your end-of-lease cleaning easier, we recommend hiring professionals to handle it. Effly has a lineup of reliable cleaners to do the job. Contact them for more information.

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