Do’s and Don’ts While Using Gloves for Cleaning

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Putting gloves on your hands means extra protection from dust, dirt, and chemicals in the cleaning detergents! So you should use gloves whenever you pick up the vacuum or start mopping the floor.

But do you know there are some do’s and don’ts while using gloves? Using gloves correctly is not as simple as putting them up and then tossing them into the bin after you are done with the cleaning.

Effly, a professional domestic cleaner in Sydney, has some tips for using gloves to clean your house.

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Choose the Right Type

Start choosing the right types of gloves, as you cannot use just anything that looks like gloves to clean your house. Medical and, more precisely, sterilized gloves are ideal for medical procedures, so you should avoid using these gloves at any cost.

You will find non-medical and utility gloves in the market, ideal for cleaning and disinfection. Further, utility gloves are thicker and more durable than medical gloves, so you have to make the right choice before you put up the gloves for cleaning.

Do’s while using gloves for cleaning.

Do clean your hands before wearing them.

Before you wear gloves, make sure that your hands are clean. The only purpose of using a pair is to protect your hands from dirt, dust, and chemical exposure to keep them clean. Wash your hands and clean them with a towel for a smooth and clean experience.

Do make sure they fit you correctly.

Are the gloves running a little bit small? You should avoid using the pair as it can tear off while cleaning and expose your skin to chemicals. Gloves that are too big or too small are unsuitable because smaller ones will tear and larger ones will fall off your hands, and you must wear them repeatedly.

Do clean your hands after removing them.

After you remove the pair, clean your hands again so are no residual chemicals are left. Cleaning your hands is paramount before and after wearing the gloves.

Do dispose of the gloves properly.

Disposing of the gloves after using them is imperative for multiple reasons, and experts recommend doing it in the current situation. Here’s how you should dispose of the gloves.

Don’ts while wearing gloves

Don’t reuse a pair

So you have washed the pair to reuse it again for the next cleaning session? Well, we don’t suggest doing that! You should dispose of the pair in the bin after using it once, as these gloves are ideal for one-time use only.

Reusing the gloves can curtail their durability and damage them while cleaning.

Don’t use a damaged pair.

So you see cracks and other visible damages on the gloves? Please throw away the pair into the trash bin. Gloves with holes are of no benefit as the chemicals you will be used for cleaning can seep inside through the holes, thus leading to skin allergies.

Don’t touch your face without removing them.

Avoid touching your face and other exposed body parts when cleaning with gloves. Doing this can lead to multiple irritations, especially in the eyes! So remove the gloves, wash your hands and then you can touch your skin.Kitchen Cleaning - Do’s and Don’ts While Using Gloves for Cleaning

Final Thoughts

Wearing gloves has a lot of benefits, as you can protect the skin from harsh chemicals. Furthermore, there is less dust exposure on the skin, which is good for healthy-looking skin. But it can be hectic to wear gloves every time before cleaning and then disposing of them.

You can hire the best domestic cleaners at Effly to avoid the hassle. Our professional technicians will come equipped with the necessary cleaning gear, and we adhere to all the precautions to limit exposure to COVID-19.

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