Easy Clean Tips the Hard-to-reach Areas in Your Home

Even after cleaning the entire home, there are a handful of places that are still unclean! You might think that cleaning the floors, walls, windows, and toles is enough to make your house spick and span, but that’s not complete cleaning.

Some unseen areas are favourite spots for dust, so cleaning them is indispensable. Now there is no need to rely on your guesswork, as we are here with some tips that you can follow to make your home spotlessly clean.

Following these Easy Clean Tips will help you give your abode a new shine it has been missing.

1. Fans and light fixtures

The fans and light fixtures can accommodate a lot of dust that is not visible to the eyes. More than the ceiling lights, the fans collect a lot of dust on the upper side of the blade. Cleaning the fans isn’t that easy, so it would be great to call your partner for help.

Get some microfiber cloths, a ladder, and dusting cloths to clean the fan. If you don’t have a ladder around the house, then you can use a cleaning duster with a long handle. Start cleaning the fan gently, and make sure to remove the dust and cobwebs.

Wearing protection glasses will protect your eyes from the dust, and you can clean the fans easily. For cleaning the light fixtures, you need a ladder, because using a duster can damage the sensitive elements of the light.

Use a small brush, and clean the light fixtures gently. Make sure to turn off the power to avoid getting a shock while cleaning.

2. Tops of Cabinets and Furniture

Cleaning the tops of tall cabinets and other furniture elements is also a task. You cannot use a vacuum cleaner to do the cleaning, and that is why most homeowners often skip cleaning the tops. You need the right cleaning tools to make the task easy as a breeze.

Get a ladder and some microfiber cloth. Also, dusters with extendable handles will work great to clean the dust from the cabinet top. Scrutinise if there is any grime on the top because that needs a thorough cleaning.

To clean the grime, you should use a microfiber cloth by spraying a good cleaner on it. Rub the area where you see the grime, and then wait for a few minutes. After removing the grime, you are ready for the next step which is thorough dusting.

Follow the steps for all cabinets, whether they are in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

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3. Refrigerator Coil

Most homeowners find it surprising when they come to know that it is essential to clean the refrigerator coils. If you are one of those, then get ready to see a lot of dust on the coil of the refrigerator.

This particular area is one of the most ignored places that people don’t clean at all. What you have to do is, pull the fridge so that you can access the coils.

Before cleaning, turn the power supply off for ensured safety. Now start cleaning the coils using a dry cloth. You should never use liquid cleaners when cleaning the refrigerator coils. Use a proper brush attachment to clean the small areas. Furthermore, use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust and other dust particles to make the floor look clean.

4. Skirting Boards

Just like the floor, the skirting boards also need a thorough cleaning. The boards behind the door and closet can attract a lot of dust, and it can form grim over time if not cleaned properly. Cleaning the skirting boards isn’t a tough deal, and you can do it following some DIY steps.

Here are some easy cleaning tips to give your skirting boards a new life. Or you can hire the best domestic cleaners in Melbourne to get the skirting boards cleaned.

5. Slatted or Venetian Blinds

Those blinds can look even good if you clean them on time. Also, with regular cleaning, you can enhance the lifespan of the blinds, and they will last longer, which means you are saving bucks.
Close the Venetian blinds so that you get a smooth area for cleaning. Use a microfiber cloth with some cleaning liquid over it, and rub it over the blinds. Be gentle as the window blinds are delicate and need care.

You can even use a cotton glove to clean the blinds to give them a new look. Furthermore, choose products based on the material of the blinds. If you are not sure what to use to clean the blinds, then it would be a great idea to hire professional cleaners in your area.

6. Sliding Tracks

Sliding tracks are another most ignored area after the cabinet tops. Cleaning the glass pane isn’t enough, and the sliding tracks should also be squeaky clean. Cleaning the tracks can be a little challenging due to the narrow area.

Get a brush with a long handle along with some microfiber cloths. To clean the metal tracks thoroughly, spray some vinegar and let it sit for some time.

Now use a brush to clean the dust and grime off the tracks. Spray some water, and wipe it off using a microfiber cloth.

After cleaning, try to move the sliding window or door to ensure that it is working fine.

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7. Ceilings and Crown Mouldings

Most cleaning companies don’t clean ceilings and crown mouldings, so you have to do it by yourself. Just by looking above won’t give you an idea of how much cleaning is required. Get a broom with a long handle and start dislodging the dirt. Run the broom across the area of the mouldings.

To clean the intricate designs, you need a ladder, with a soft-bristled brush. Be sure to wear protective glasses and a mask so that you don’t breathe dust while cleaning.
For added safety, ask someone to hold the ladder, so that you can clean more efficiently.

8. The Bins

Disposing of the garbage isn’t enough to clean the bins. Collect all the bins of your house, and empty them. Now wash the bins using water and cleaning detergent. Use a sponge or scrubber to get rid of the gunk sticking inside the bins.

Let the bins dry for some time, and then place them back for use.


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