Easy Skirting Boards Cleaning Tips to Give It a New Life

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A floor without skirting boards is like food without salt, and that’s why most of the homes in Australia have skirting boards that are adding up a lot to the décor. The skirting boards can transform any room to make it look classy and sophisticated.

But there’s one problem with having skirting boards, and that’s the dirt they attract. Most of the homeowners sweep the floor and clean other parts of a room, but they often overlook the skirting boards, so they get dirty with time.

If you don’t want the boards to look soiled, and grime caked upon them, the only thing is regular cleaning. You cannot just take a mop and start cleaning the skirting boards, because their inclined position makes it hard to clean them.
But Effly is here to make things easy as a breeze. Read on, to find out some cleaning tips you can use to clean the skirting to give them a new life.

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Some Cleaning Tools You Need

To start with, you need to collect the cleaning tools that are required to make the skirting boards spotlessly clean. Just using the regular mop won’t help, and that’s why we are here with a list of tools you need.

  • A powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Feather duster
  • Wet wipes
  • Cleaning detergent
  • A bucket
  • Skirting board polish or bleach
  • White vinegar

Furthermore, get a pair of cleaning gloves and a mask so that dust cannot harm you while cleaning. If possible, wear protective glasses, and then you are ready to clean the skirting boards.

Start with the Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are extremely handy when it comes to cleaning skirting boards. Most of the vacuum cleaners feature a skirting mode, especially if you buy a handheld vacuum cleaner. The first step towards cleaning is removing the dust, and pollutants that are sticking to the surface.
Use a brush attachment with the vacuum cleaner, and use it on the highest setting for ultimate suction power. You will also find crevice cleaner attachments with the vacuum, keep them handy and replace them with the brush attachment when cleaning the crevices.
Make sure that there is no dust and dirt left on the skirting boards before you try other cleaning tips on it.

Now It is the Time for Wet Cleaning

Wet cleaning includes using water and other cleaning solutions. A skirting is made using tile or marble, therefore using water is indispensable to give it a new life. For your ease, we have listed the cleaning tip in three steps, so that you can follow them one by one.

Clean with Wet Wipes

If you have ever cleaned the skirting boards with wet wipes, then you cannot agree more, how the wipes clean the dust and make the skirting squeaky clean. The moisture in the wipes magnetized the dust, grime, and dirt without creating a mess.
Get a wet wipe and start rubbing it on the skirting board in a circular motion. Keep changing the wipes frequently to ensure that you can clean it quickly.
Note: When using wet wipes, keep a small dustbin handy so that you can throw the used wipes into it. Using a bin will curtail the amount of work you need to do, and there will be no mess around the house.

Prepare a Cleaning Solution Using Water and Detergent

Take a bucket and pour some water in it, if you can use lukewarm water, then it’ll be great. Add a few drops of cleaning detergent to prepare a soapy solution. Now dip the feather duster into the bucket, and start cleaning the skirting boards.
Rub the duster gently, and try to cover the entire area where you see the skirting. Keep dipping the feather duster into the solution, and then rub the skirting to get rid of stubborn stains and grime.
Leave the solution for some time, and use wet wipes to clean it. Make sure that there is no moisture left on the boards after you clean it using the wet wipes.

Use White Vinegar for Eco-friendly Cleaning

If you don’t want to use any harsh chemicals on the skirting boards, then take white vinegar into consideration. White vinegar is an eco-friendly cleaner that is safe for the kids and pets, and effectively removes stains and marks from the floor.
Instead of using the dish soap or detergent, add a cup of white vinegar to lukewarm water. Take a sponge to rub the solution on the skirting boards, and clean it using wet wipes after 15-20 minutes.

Buff with Polish

To ensure that the cleaning lasts longer, and the skirting boards look like new, use a good-quality polish. You will find a plethora of options available in the market when searching for marble polish. Take a few drops of polish on a sponge, and start buffing it on the boards.
Rub the sponge gently, and make sure that there are no polish stains left behind on the surface after you buff it. Leave the polish for drying, and voila your skirting boards have got a new life.

Call Professional Cleaners

Cleaning the skirting boards isn’t easy at all because you need to cover a considerable area, and it may feel overwhelming to do it along with completing other household chores. The best thing you can do is hiring professional cleaners in Brisbane.
At Effly, we are the best residential cleaners in the area that offer affordable cleaning services. You can book our expert cleaners that will make the entire house sparkling clean, including the skirting boards.
Made a successful booking? Here’s how to prepare our house before our professional cleaners arrive.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the skirting boards will have a significant impact on the attractiveness of the entire room. Following these cleaning tips is easy and doesn’t cost you much since you will find most of the cleaning tools around your house.
For best results clean the skirting at least once a month. For any type of cleaning queries, and to book professional cleaners with Effly, click on the Contact Us button.

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