Four Easy Tips to Maintain Your Timber Flooring

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Do you think your timber flooring has lost its lustre and doesn’t look as good as it used to years ago? It happens to everyone who doesn’t pay attention to timber floor maintenance.

Unlike other types of floors, timber flooring requires more maintenance and cleaning, and if you don’t invest time and effort into it, the floor will start looking dull and lifeless.

So what should you do to make the timber flooring look fantastic again? Getting the sheen back isn’t easy, but the Effly team has some tips for giving life and maintaining your timber flooring.

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1. Don’t skip regular cleaning

Just like standard flooring, timber flooring also requires regular cleaning. The more you keep your floor clean, the longer the sheen will last.

But note not to use too many chemicals on the floor because instead of maintaining your floor, these products might just ruin it. Never use acidic and abrasive cleaning products, as this may ruin the finish of your floor; buy a pH-neutral floor cleaner instead.

Start with vacuuming the floor to remove dust and pet hair. Then, use a soft-bristled brush to remove the dust along the corners your vacuum cannot reach. After vacuuming, mop the floor with a pH-neutral cleaner or your homemade cleaning solution. We suggest mixing a bucket of water, a few drops of milk soap, and a tablespoon of baking soda. 

2. Don’t leave the spills and dirt unattended

Always make sure to clean after spills and dirt on your flooring. Whenever you see your pet running around the house with muddy paws or your kid spilling his drinks, pick up the mop and get into action immediately. You need a mop and dry rags or paper towels to clean spilled liquids. Mop the floor first, then wipe it 

dry with a dry cloth to buff the floor and avoid water marks on your floor. 


3. Keep Your Kicks Away

Bringing shoes inside the house is such a common habit, isn’t it? Sadly, this can cause your floor to lose its lustre since the debris stuck on your shoes may scratch your timber floors.

The good news is you can remove the scratches if they’re not that bad. Apply coconut oil or a mixture of baking soda and olive oil on your floor using a sponge to reduce the scratches. You might have to sand your floor and reapply the wood stain if it looks bad.

We suggest you place a shoe rack near your door to prevent scratches so guests can remove their shoes before entering the house. Another option is to get a good quality doormat for your entryway, so you, your family, and your visitor can eliminate the debris on their shoes.

4. Hire Professional Cleaners  

Despite the efforts you put into cleaning and maintaining your timber floor, there may still be areas that you’ll miss. 

Hiring professional cleaners to clean your timber flooring is like investing in its longevity. Professional cleaners are equipped with powerful equipment, and they have the right cleaning products.

Ensure that the agency you’re getting is an expert in cleaning timber floors, which needs special care. Our regular and domestic cleaning services at Effly are here to ensure we effectively clean your floor without ruining it. 

Summing it up

When you hire professional cleaners, you can skip the cleaning and focus more on preventing damage to your timber flooring. Book a cleaning with us today and see how shiny your floor can be.

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