Goodbye Garage Clutter and Dirt: Garage Cleaning Pro Tips

Goodbye Garage Clutter and Dirt: Garage Cleaning Pro Tips

We can all agree that our garage is more than just a space and shelter for our vehicles. We also use it as a workstation for whatever crafts or DIY projects we can imagine or as storage space for tools, equipment, and supplies.

Our garage can be one of our homes’ most cluttered and unmaintained areas, especially when we’re busy. Since we have this thought of using our garage as a storage area, it’s undeniable that we dump random things there, telling ourselves that we’ll get back to it once we have free time, when in reality, we often forget that we even put our belongings in that area.

However, whatever we collect in our garage will eventually pile up and collect dust, so we need to clean it thoroughly occasionally. There will be less clutter once we tidy things up, and a tidy area equals a clearer mind. Also, we must maintain our garage to prevent or eliminate pests because we all dislike walking into an area crawling with cockroaches and rats. Because of this, we have compiled some useful tips that you can follow to help you do a deep cleaning of your garage.

garage cleaning tipsGarage Cleaning Tips

Prepare your supplies

Before you even start cleaning your garage, list all the cleaning tools, equipment, and solutions you may need and prepare them in advance. You might want to include garbage bags, gloves, a vacuum, a microfiber cloth, disinfectant, bleach, and other cleaning solutions (we recommend checking Zero Co. for eco-friendly cleaning products). You’ll be able to work more efficiently when you don’t have to pause just to do quick runs to the grocery because you forgot your supplies.

Declutter & reorganise

There’s no use in keeping things that no longer serve their purpose. Categorize your belongings into three things: 1) to keep, 2) to donate, and 3) to discard. Think about which of your belongings still spark joy when you choose which things to keep, as Marie Kondo, a renowned tidying expert, suggests. You may also want to incorporate the KonMari Method in your garage decluttering process.

Use diluted bleach or vinegar to wipe away molds

diluted bleach or vinegar

If you haven’t cleaned your garage in months, then it’s highly likely that mold will build up, especially when your garage is humid and damp. Use one cup of bleach for one gallon of water for your mold cleaning solution, then use a spray bottle or sponge to apply it on the moldy surface. However, this will only work on non-porous surfaces like tiles, glass, and concrete. For porous surfaces, you may check this article out.

Use a strong detergent to remove old oil stains on floors

If it’s a small oil stain, you only need a strong detergent, a sponge, and a brush. Brush the stained floor with a strong detergent solution, then wipe it down with a sponge. But a commercial degreaser-like solvent may be necessary for more stubborn oil stains.

Use a microfiber cloth to remove fine dust on surfaces garage cleaning tips

Surely, there will be fine dust on your shelves and walls if you use your garage as a work area for carpentry projects, so don’t forget to wipe these surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Using a microfiber cloth is way much more effective than using a rug because those tiny fibers can collect dust ten times more than a cotton cloth. Just dampen your microfiber cloth with soapy water, then wipe down those dusty surfaces.

Consider booking a cleaning service

Deep cleaning your garage may take several hours off your weekend. Rather than tiring yourself by doing it alone, you might want to consider booking a cleaning service instead, so you can spend more time with your loved ones. These cleaning companies like Effly have state-of-the-art equipment, tools, solutions, and the right people to get the job done.

We do hope that these tips will help you keep your garage clean and clutter-free. You may follow these tips on your own or let a cleaning professional do the cleaning, whichever works best for you. You are welcome to book our Domestic Cleaning Service for your garage cleaning needs.

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