6 Home Preparation Tips Before the Cleaners Arrive

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Done booking professional cleaning services in Brisbane for your home? That’s great because a spick and span home is now just a clean away! But wait, don’t relax just yet because you still have to prepare your home before the cleaners arrive so that they can deliver their best service to your home. 

Preparing your home for professional cleaning services is totally different from doing the cleaning. So to save you from the headache of how to prep your home, we’ve come up with a few simple home preparation tips you can follow before the professional cleaners arrive.

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1. Pick up items scattered around the house

If you have kids and pets, it’s natural to have things scattered around the house, from toys to clothes. Picking up the clutter and tidying things up a bit can help your cleaners allot more of their time to clean your home, such as disinfecting surfaces, vacuuming the floor, scrubbing the sink and stovetop, and removing cobwebs. 

2. Keep your important documents safe

Those bills and letters may be important to you, but they may seem rubbish to the cleaners if they see the papers on the kitchen counter. Get a storage box or organiser for your bills and important documents. This way, you won’t misplace your documents, and the cleaners won’t mistake them for trash. Take care of your documents while the cleaners will do the cleaning. 

3. Set aside your cats and dogs

We, too, love pets, but they can create a mess while cleaning. Place your dogs and cats in pen in your backyard or a spare room while the cleaners are around to save yourself, your pets, and the cleaners from unnecessary stress. Plus, securing your pets to prevent mishaps is always a good idea. 

4. Give proper instructions

The person who knows your house better is you, so giving instructions to the cleaners will be a wise idea to make the most out of the cleaning, especially if you booked our domestic cleaning service. Prepare a simple list of instructions so the cleaners can clean your home according to your requests. 

5. Make sure that the professional cleaners can get in if you are away

Got some plans to go out to meet your friends while the cleaners do the cleaning? No worries! Just don’t forget to give a heads-up to the professional cleaners and give them access to your home. If you reside in a condominium, don’t forget to tell the front desk that a cleaning team will arrive.

6. Secure your valuables

Reputable cleaning companies like us at Effly thoroughly screen their applicants before hiring them, so you’re assured that your valuables won’t go missing after booking a clean. But there’s also no harm in keeping your cash and jewellery locked and secured to give yourself peace of mind while the cleaners clean your house. 

Following these home preparation tips, we gave you will help both you and your cleaners. When no clutter and valuables are lying around, the pets are secured, and there’s quick access to your home, professional cleaners can do a better job cleaning. This way, you can relax while the cleaners handle the heavy lifting in making your home shiny and squeaky clean. 

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