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Spring Cleaning Tips

The end of winter signals the beginning of spring. Spring is the season of renewed hope as nature revives. Plants that have been inactive for a while start to grow anew in the spring, and animals that have been hibernating come out of their slumber. But your mood is dampened as you notice the mess winter left behind.

Spring Cleaning Service

Embrace Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning helps improve your overall well-being. However, when you are surrounded by clutter, your ability to focus on your task is compromised. So we are with you when you say you would rather spend your day doing something productive. But someone has to do the cleaning.

Spring cleaning helps homeowners clear away the winter coat of dust and dirt. As you kick off your spring cleaning campaign, there are some things that you should remember. Consider these tips if you do not know how to spring clean your home.

  • Create a schedule

It is easy to miss some spots during routine cleaning. Sometimes, people forgo cleaning one spot because it is used less than in common areas. Hence, they incur less dirt or grime.

The best way to start your spring cleaning is to see which areas of your home you have neglected over the winter. Then, map out each area and create a plan to help you stay focused on the task. 

  • Declutter

Declutter is always a part of any cleaning task. More so for spring cleaning when it’s time to take out your spring clothes and keep your winter wear. Organise, remove, and store things you will no longer need for the new season. Remove your seasonal decors and store winter accessories.

Determine the areas in your home that need to be prioritized, such as areas with too much clutter. Then, as you go through your spring cleaning, separate your belongings into different categories: trash, give away, or for storing.

  • Vacuum your home

Vacuuming can get rid of more than just dust build-up. So arm yourself with a high-quality HEPA vacuum, one of the best spring cleaning tools at home.

HEPA vacuum cleaners can capture invisible airborne particles, a common cause of allergies. They can also clean and capture debris from your home, including pet dander and other allergens.

If you do not own a HEPA vacuum, you can also look for a vacuum with attachments like dusting brushes, crevice tools, and hoses. Be sure not to leave tight spaces and miss out on other areas like the corners of your walls.

Work from top to bottom.

Start your cleaning process from top to bottom. Accumulate all the dust and grime in one place, making cleaning easier. Remove the dust from any high-leveled surfaces to avoid cleaning the same space. Give it time to settle into the floor and begin vacuuming.

  • Don’t forget your walls and windows. Clean your windows

Your walls and windows also deserve to be cared for because they are often the ones you forget. Cleaning the floors and ceilings is universal, but not all dust settles on the floor and other surfaces. Clean your windows using a steam cleaner and squeegee. Please avoid the use of chemical cleaners on the window itself.

  • Think greenThink green

Start spring the right way, and avoid exposure to poisons and chemicals. A steam cleaner is one of the greatest and most eco-friendly cleaning tools. 

  • Severe allergies

If you have severe allergies, you know that you should take steps to ensure better air quality. First, change the furnace and HVAC filters, and consider switching a conventional filter for a stronger one. 

Also, protect yourself when you plan to begin your spring cleaning. The winter dust already settled on your furniture and fixture will be disturbed once you begin cleaning. Wear protective equipment for safe spring cleaning.

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