How House Cleaning Services Can Stop Cold and Flu on Its Tracks

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When the cold and flu season hits, avoiding getting sick is vital. One way to do this is by enlisting the help of a house cleaning services company. By having professional cleaners come in and clean your home, you can reduce the number of germs and bacteria lurking around. Not only will this help keep you healthy, but it can also help prevent your family from getting sick.

So, if you’re looking for a way to stay healthy during the cold and flu season, consider hiring house cleaning services.

The Fundamentals of House Cleaning Services to Prevent Sickness

Everyone understands the fundamentals of hygiene, such as washing hands frequently, avoiding touching faces, staying at home when sick, and so on. The overarching goal is to keep germs from spreading and making others sick.

However, these precautions are frequently insufficient in preventing illnesses from spreading from person to person. You must emphasize house cleaning to avoid illnesses and infections like the common cold and flu. You don’t have to worry if you cannot clean your house excellently. You can always hire professional house cleaning services.

Let us discuss some healthy practices that form the foundations of basic cleaning.

#1. Removing your shoes before entering the house

Leaving your shoes at the door is uncommon in many cultures, but it is an important aspect of house cleaning. Imagine all the dirt, grime, and germs coming with you inside your home when you will not remove them. It means you are inviting trouble. So, from now on, leave your shoes at the door. It is your first step in cleaning your house.

#2. Disinfect high-touch areas like switches and doorknobs

You are an OC if you are doing this. It may look weird to some, but these things are the most likely to contain germs. Use bleach to disinfect high-touch areas like remote controls, computer keyboards, light switches, faucets, and door handles. Germs can thrive on these surfaces and will be transferred to the next user.

#3. Clean your handbags and backpacks

This is especially true for women and even more so for those who frequently go out. For obvious reasons, you must use the restroom whenever you go to the movies or theatres or eat or drink.

In toilets without suspension hooks, you may be forced to set your bag or purse on the floor to relieve yourself or change your sanitary napkin. If that’s the case, bringing them back to the table or bed can seriously threaten you. So, whether you use a public restroom or not, whenever you return, thoroughly disinfect your purse or bag with a disinfectant.

#4. Disinfect your electronic gadgets as well.

If you’ve forgotten, you must also clean and disinfect your electronic gadgets, especially if you are not the only one using them. But that doesn’t mean you should not clean them, too, even if you are the only one using them. Just be careful when cleaning them and avoid liquid entering the circuitry. For example, wring out the cloth of the excess disinfectant before wiping them on the surface.

#5. Check the kitchen for items to clean and sanitize.

House cleaning does not stop here. Professional house cleaning services make sure that everything is covered, including sanitation. Take, for example, the kitchen. You should clean and disinfect the sink and the cupboards that contain all the pots and pans, along with the jars full of ingredients for cooking.

Kitchen cleaning

You also need to pay attention to the racks for your utensils and crockery. Everything in the kitchen is the potential for germs to thrive. Hence a potential source of flu and cold if you do not clean it thoroughly.

House cleaning can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. By involving your whole family in the process and taking simple precautions, you can make house cleaning a complete and healthy experience for everyone involved.

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, contact Effly for professional house cleaning services to eliminate the hassle of keeping your home clean.

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