How Much Does Spring Cleaning Service Cost?

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Ah, spring is coming, and that means it’s time for spring cleaning. But how much does a spring cleaning service cost?

No one can point out where the term “spring cleaning” originated. But every culture has this practice of deep cleaning before the warm season begins.

Without vacuum cleaners, spring is the perfect time to dust and air the house. Thus, the tradition of spring cleaning begins.

Today, most people call any deep cleaning spring cleaning. No matter what the season is.

And when you don’t have time, desire, or energy to do spring cleaning, hiring professionals is the best option.

But how much does the spring cleaning service cost?

Read on as we look into the spring cleaning service cost to handle this season’s deep cleaning and the factors that could impact the price.

As a bonus, we will throw in some tips on managing your spring cleaning.

Spring Cleaning Service

What is Spring Cleaning?

The definition of spring cleaning is simple. It is a thorough cleaning from room to room, top to bottom.

Spring cleaning is a thorough cleanup that includes the areas not often cleaned, like under the carpet and furnishings, the top of the shelves, and the attic.

Hiring professionals for spring cleaning services cover heavier and more labor-intensive tasks like dusting, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, etc.

Aside from this routine cleaning, it also adds washing the windows and moving the furniture to clean every corner.

In short, spring cleaning is not the same as your regular house cleaning. It goes beyond dusting, mopping, and vacuuming.

Read our article 15 Essential Tips to Maintain a Clean House for a regular cleaning routine. 

How Much Does Spring Cleaning Service Cost?

There is no standard pricing for spring cleaning. The spring cleaning service cost can depend on many factors.

For routine general cleaning, the service charge can range between $15 to $30 an hour. These rates may vary depending on the location and the magnitude of tasks. Often, it can go as high as $50 or $75.

An average-sized home of about 2,000 square feet for a routine cleaning can be between $80 and $125. However, spring cleaning is more intensive, so expect that the actual spring cleaning service cost will be doubled or more.

How is Pricing Done?

Many factors could affect the spring cleaning service cost, which differs from company to company.

To better understand how they fix the price, you have to understand these four pricing methods used by cleaning companies in Australia.

Hourly rate: Cleaning companies charging by the hour can ask for $35 per hour for an average house. It may be even lower depending on the size of the house, the number of rooms, and others.

Per Room Rate: The price generated in the per-room rate is the average between the most oversized room and the smallest. Again, the price may vary from one company to another and can range between $20-$100 per room.

Flat Rate: This is the ideal pricing scheme as it eliminates the uncertainties of an hourly rate.

The company gives a fixed amount for the service (deep, spring, regular, or one-off cleaning). The rate can be between $60 to $200, depending on the size and cleaning needed.

Square-Foot Rate: Most apartments and houses vary in structure and size, so most cleaning companies price them based on the area’s square feet.

This payment scheme is more feasible than a flat fee or per-room rate. The average square foot rate is between $0.05 to $0.015.

Most cleaning companies would ask for a higher fixed computing rate for spring or deep cleaning.

The cleaning company will also assess the house’s condition before quoting its price. If there is too much clutter, it will add a premium.

Tips to Maximize the Spring Cleaning Service

As a smart consumer, you always want to get your money’s worth, even for spring cleaning services.

Follow these tips on how you can maximize this service.

Pre-clean: Before the big day, declutter your house. Put the toys and clothes away. This way, the cleaning crew can focus on deep cleaning.

Get a quotation: Ask for a quote from at least three cleaning companies before considering any company.

Compare their prices. Make sure they assess your house before providing this estimate—factor in the company\’s reputation and experience in the decision.

Ask for a checklist: Before the cleaning job, request from the cleaning company for its list. The spring cleaning checklist should comprehensively include all the areas in the house.

Key Takeaway

Hiring professionals for spring cleaning is not cheap. And there are no one-price-fits-all rates for cleaning services.

When comparing the estimates for this service, keep the factors we mentioned in mind. Then, contact us for more information about our spring cleaning services.

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