Hot or Cold for Optimal Cleaning : How to Choose the Right Water Temperature

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If you have ever cleaned your house, you have probably wondered about the suitable water temperature for the best cleaning! Most folks think hot water cleans better, but it isn’t always right.

Hot and cold water temperatures are effective in cleaning particular items. Hot works well with dishes, whereas cold works thoroughly to wash natural fabrics, including wool and silk.

We are here to help take you out of the fuss of choosing the right temperature, with our year of experience in cleaning that is backed up by some scientific reasons.

Let’s find out when to use hot and cold water to make your house spick and span for optimal cleaning.

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Does Choosing Suitable Water Temperature for CLeaning Matter?

Is it worth digging deeper into the article to discover the different impacts of water temperature on cleaning? Well, it is worth your time, as it can make cleaning easy and hassle-free.

Choosing a suitable water temperature is essential, and here is a scientific explanation to prove this:

When you boil the water, its molecules start moving quickly. When hot water is introduced with a detergent, it ramps up the cleaning power making the cleaning solution much more effective.

On the other hand, hot water isn’t a good option when working with bleach. It can reduce the power of bleach, so experts recommend using cold water when using bleach.

When to Use Cold or Hot Water

Now the question is when to use cold and hot water when both are ideal for cleaning. For your ease, we have classified multiple categories below so you can quickly find out when to use hot and cold water.

Cleaning Kitchen Surfaces

When cleaning the kitchen surfaces with a powerful detergent that contains traces of bleach, you should choose cold water or water at room temperature. Using hot water can curtail the power of bleach, and you won’t be able to get the best cleaning results.

In short, when it comes to diluting cleaning solutions go with cold water.

Some homeowners use natural cleaning products such as vinegar and baking soda. You can use hot water if you also believe in cleaning the kitchen with natural products.

Washing Dishes

You may know its benefits if you use hot water to clean dishes. The moving molecules of water and heat can cause the stains and oils to lose grip, which means you can clean them easily.

Most dish-cleaning detergents work well with hot water, so heat the water before cleaning dishes. The ideal temperature can be around 95ºF, and you can heat it more according to your preference.

Pro TipDon’t overheat the water, as you have to clean the dishes with bare hands. Heat the water slowly and keep it at a point; it doesn’t affect your skin while washing.

Furthermore, hot water effectively kills bacteria, and you can soak the dishes in the water for some time. In a nutshell, using hot water is the best option for dealing with dirty dishes.

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Cleaning Floors

Hot water can be an excellent option to clean all types of floors, including tiled and carpeted because hot water has no damaging effects on the floor. You shouldn’t use blazing hot water as it can damage the carpet. Using lukewarm water will help you eliminate those telltale stains, thus making the floor sparkling clean.

But when it comes to wooden floors, using hot water is a big NO! For example, you cannot pour boiling water on a timber floor, as it can cause the wood to warp and the floor to get damaged in some time.

Always use room-temperature water when cleaning wooden floors. Using a mop will be best for cleaning wood floors.

Cleaning Bathroom Surfaces

Have you ever heard about steamers used to clean bathroom surfaces? Professional cleaners recommend using steamers to clean bathroom surfaces like tiles, countertops, and other surfaces, as they can remove stubborn stains and grime.

Removing soap scum and grime with cold water would be hard, and you must invest a lot of energy in cleaning.

But how to steam clean a bathroom, and what equipment it takes? Not everyone can have a steam cleaner, but you can opt for other affordable substitutes that serve the same purpose.

You can choose expert cleaners at Effly or just run piping hot through the shower for some time. Be extra careful when cleaning the bathroom with hot water to protect your skin from burning sensations.

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know when to use hot and cold water, cleaning your house will be easier. But there’s one thing that’s still a topic to worry about using the right water temperature for laundry.

Well, it depends on multiple factors, including the type of cloth and the dyes used in it. Go through this article to determine the right water temperature for laundry.

If you ever need to hire professional cleaners, then Effly is readily available. You can hire the best cleaning technicians with us, saving you from the hassles of choosing between hot and cold water.

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