4 Ideas on How To Get Bad Smells Out Of Carpets

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This blog post will discuss removing bad smells from carpets and restoring them to their former glory!

Have you ever walked into a room and been hit with an unpleasant smell? Maybe it’s a bathroom that smells like urine or a kitchen that smells like rotting food. The smell can be so bad that it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Well, the same thing can happen with your carpets. If they start to smell bad, it can be tough to get the smell out.

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Where Do These Smells Usually Come From?

Identifying and eliminating the most prevalent causes is an easy and effective method to prevent bad odours from seeping into your house.

  • Pet Smells – No one’s perfect, not even our pets. They might track in dirt or leave an unpleasant odour behind sometimes. Even after you clean everything up, the bad scent can still linger around – especially on furniture.
  • Cigarette Smoke – Smoke is one of the most difficult odours to remove from homes, seeping deep into furniture and carpets. This is especially true in households with heavy smokers.
  • Old Age – When carpeting gets old, it begins to break down and emits a strong, musty stench that can quickly fill the entire home.
  • Moisture – If carpets get wet and aren’t dried quickly, mould and mildew will grow and cause an unpleasant smell.

So onto the question: How To Get Bad Smells Out Of Carpets?

Here are some carpet cleaning methods and items you can use!

Baking Soda clean stovetops with baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda is a kitchen must for most people. It’s quite useful in absorbing liquids and odours. So, if you detect a faint odour from your carpet, grab the baking soda.

Sprinkle enough baking soda over the entire area. If the odour is faint, leave the powder there for a few hours. You might need to keep it overnight if the smell is more powerful.

Allow a few hours for the powder to be absorbed. When it’s time, vacuum the carpet to remove the dust. Afterwards, you might want to empty the bag or container.

Vinegar clean stovetops with ammonia 

If your carpets smell musty, it could be due to mildew growth within the fibres. You’ll need to eliminate the mildew buildup to eliminate the scent. Luckily, this doesn’t require expensive and harsh chemicals. Vinegar is a great way to remove odours from carpeting without breaking the bank.

Mix one cup of distilled white vinegar with warm water, then put it in a spray bottle. Give the carpet a good once-over with the mixture, and let it air dry. The strong vinegar smell will go away as the mixture dries.

Add two teaspoons of baking soda if the odour is stronger than usual.

Enzyme Cleaner Vinegar Cleaning Why Vinegar is an Excellent Home Cleaner

If you have pets, there may be a few messes on the carpet. This can result in a disagreeable, noxious odour that is tough to remove. Not to mention, dog and cat urine can destroy a carpet permanently.

Using an enzyme cleaner to eliminate pet smells is the most effective method. These are widely available at any home improvement and hardware shop. You may also get a decent selection on Amazon and Home Depot’s websites.

Enzymes use these cleaners to accelerate the digestion of bacteria on organic matter such as blood, vomit, urine, and feces.

Essential Oil & Baking Soda

Mix in some essential oil if you want your home to smell amazing after using the baking soda method. Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids taken from specific plants. These oils have extremely potent scents that work wonders at deodorizing any space.

When choosing an oil for this method, consider your favourite scents. Remember how the scent will affect those living in your house, like pets. Strong fragrances, like cinnamon and peppermint, can be bothersome for dogs, while citrus scents are toxic to cats.

The scent of lemons, grapefruit, and lavender are some of our favourite oils for adding a refreshing aroma to the home. Combine 2 cups of baking soda with 15 drops of essential oil in a container and give it a good shake to combine everything thoroughly.

Place a generous amount on the entire carpet to cover it. If the odour is only minor, leave the powder for an hour. You may leave it overnight if the stench is powerful.How to Clean Carpets Without a Machine in 4 Easy Ways

The Wrap-Up

So, how do you get bad smells out of your carpet?

You can use a few methods and items: baking soda, vinegar, enzyme cleaner, essential oil & baking soda, and the wrap-up. We’ve outlined each one for you above.

Which method best depends on the smell’s severity and what’s causing it. Thankfully, there are plenty of solutions to choose from!

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