10 Easy New Year’s Resolutions to Keep Your Home Spick and Span Throughout the Year

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Do you take some serious New Year’s resolutions every year, but forget to adhere to them after a few days? Well, you are not alone as everyone is on the same page.  Following those daunting resolutions can be pretty tricky and time-consuming. So, we are here with these mini moves that’ll help you keep your home clean – spick and span throughout the year.

From closets to the kitchen, and the bathroom, we have some mini moves for every place of your abode.

Here are the 10 New Year’s resolutions to Keep Your Home Clean in 2021.

1. “Like with Like” Follow this Rule of Thumb While Storage

If it is challenging for you to find the items after storage, then this resolution is something you should take this year. Storing like with like will help you find things easily.

Now you don’t lose anything as you already know where you have placed the items. If possible, make a small list of items you are storing to ensure that you open the right cabinet when looking for the tile cleaner.

Moreover, it’ll make your home look neat and clean. Do this to all items, including socks, scarves, kitchen boxes, and much more.

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2. Keep Your Boots and Shoes Under Control

Your lovely shoes and boots bring a lot of dirt inside the home, and that\’s why the carpet easily gets soiled and begs for cleaning. Keeping the kicks under control will help you reduce the entry of dust inside your home.

Having a shoe rack is a great idea, as it keeps your shoes and boots organised in a place, and they remain clean too. However, if you aren’t interested in investing in a rack, go for a wooden crate or a pop-up storage box to store them.

Get multiple crates, so that everyone in your family can arrange their favourite pairs of footwear. Also, ask your kids to clean their shoes before putting them into the shoe rack.

3. Don’t Forget to Make Your Bed

Making a bed doesn’t take more than three minutes. Even if you have a messy bed, it will only take around five minutes. A well-made bed has a significant impact on the cleanliness and aesthetics of your room, so it is totally worth it!

Before you enter the bathroom for brushing or other daily chores, consider tidying up the bed. Change the linen and pillow covers if required, and make your bed even more appealing, and attractive.

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4. Switch Your Chemical-filled Cleaners with Natural Cleaners

This new year’s resolution is both healthy and essential for your home. This year you should ditch using chemical-filled cleaners as they are harmful to your family and pets.

Prepare natural cleaners at home or go for products that are all-natural and don’t have any chemicals in them.

Using green cleaning supplies could be the best thing you can do to your home.

5. Clear Out the Bathroom and Kitchen Cupboards

Clearing out the bathroom and kitchen cupboards are indispensable to maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Open all the drawers, and look at what you have stashed in them. Put all the items that you don’t use in one box so that you can do justice to them.

Clearing out the cupboards should be your routine, and doing it once a month is a great idea. Clean all the jars, soap dishes, caddies, and other such stuff in your kitchen and bathrooms.

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6. Change the Mirror Cleaning Regime

Those streaks on the mirrors are making them look uncleaned, even when you spend a lot of time wiping them with a microfiber cloth.

It is time to change the mirror cleaning regime, as it is not doing any good to the mirrors. Instead of cleaning the mirrors in a circle, clean them in an s-pattern.

When you clean those glossy mirrors in a circle, it leaves streaks behind, and all your efforts can go into vain. Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep the mirrors spotlessly clean.

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7. Throw Away all the Dirty Clothes

Cleaning with a dirty cloth is increasing your cleaning time, and decreases the lifespan of your household items. If the cleaning cloths have got soiled then throw them instead of reusing them.

Our domestic cleaning in Melbourne experts recommends using microfiber cloths for cleaning as they don’t leave lint behind and are reusable.

Furthermore, stop using newspapers and tissues for cleaning as they are only making your items dirty.

8. Keep a Stock of Cleaning Supplies

2020 was an unprecedented year due to the arrival of COVID-19. The quarantine instructions aren’t still over, so we recommend you keep a stock of supplies. Make a specific cabinet where you can keep the cleaning supplies organised properly.

Also, they should be away from your kid’s and pet’s reach.

9. Start Washing the Mattress Covers

When was the last time you washed the mattress covers? If you don’t remember, then this is another new year’s resolution you should take this year.

Washing the mattress covers is important to keep them hygienic and clean. Furthermore, cleaning them regularly will help them get rid of bacteria and dust mites.

10. Clean the Shower Tiles Regularly

This is the new year’s resolution that’ll help you make your bathroom squeaky clean all the time. Most folks only consider cleaning the tiles after they see soap scum on them. But you should clean the tiles right after taking a shower.

Use a squeegee, and wipe all the tiles so that there are no water droplets on them. You can even use a tile-scrubbed often to keep the shine of the tiles intact.

Final Words!

These are the ten New Year’s resolutions you should take this year to keep your home clean – spick and span. We have listed the easiest thing you can easily do every day. One more resolution to take is hiring professional domestic cleaning services if you’re in Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

When you hire professional cleaners regularly, it’ll help you reduce the workload, and the entire house will remain neat and clean.

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