Outdoor Cleaning Tips: Spruce Up Your Space to Make It Party-ready

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There’s nothing better than spending a day partying with the favourite people you love! This quarantine when there are a lot of restrictions imposed on going and partying outside, the only place left in your house. Here’s our simple and easy to follow outdoor cleaning tips and checklist.

Your patio or lawn is the perfect place to throw a small party where you and your friends can enjoy BBQ, beers, and the luscious cake.

But, before you roll out the invitations, it is indispensable to make your home ready for the party.

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Again, here’s our outdoor cleaning checklist to make it party-ready.

Take a deep breath, and now down the things, you need to do!

Your Lawn Needs Some Trimming

Just like you look fresh and good after a haircut, your lawn will also look fantastic after some trimming. It is time to take the lawnmower out of the store and roll it over the lawn. Trimming is essential to exterminate the weeds and make the grass look even.

Before you push the lawnmower over the garden, clean it manually. Wear safety gloves, and collect the mess that your furry friend has left over there.

After you are done with the manual cleaning, start the lawnmower, and trim the lawn properly.

Add Some Pool Shock to the Swimming Pool

Kids, adults, and even the elderly, everyone loves to take a dip in the pool. Or if you have a pool party, then the pool will be the centre of attraction for attendees.  Cleaning the swimming pool can be a tough task, as scrubbing the tiles and floor is really taxing.

For a quick cleanup, you can throw some pool shock into the water, as the chemical kills the algae, and makes the pool ready to use. Furthermore, you can even use a robotic pool cleaner to clean the entire pool without indulging in it.

Get the Patio Ready

The attendees are there to eat, drink, and enjoy! They can enjoy themselves in the pool or the lawn, but for eating they\’ll head to the patio, so it should look sparkling clean and welcoming.

The patio includes everything out there that your guests can see or use. From the wooden seats to the table, and those beautiful artefacts, everything should look neat and clean.

Here is a small guide that’ll assist you in cleaning the patio:


Start with cleaning the debris and leaves to prevent the growth of mould on the wooden surface. Use a leaf blower or a stiff broom to keep the deck clean at all times.

For deep cleaning, you should use a decking cleaning solution. If the deck is made up of hardwood including mahogany, teak, or oak, they usually don’t need to be preserved.

It would be great to use some teak oil all over the deck to retain its shine and newness. For softer woods such as cedar and pine, you should use wood preservatives and some varnish.

Paving Slabs

To clean the paving slabs, take a stiff brush for scrubbing. You can also use a patio cleaning solution to clean it quickly. If possible, get a pressure washer to remove the dust and grime from the slabs.

A pro tip: When washing the paving slabs with a pressure washer, make sure not to point it directly on the grouting, as it can damage the joints.

Show Some Love to the Garden Furniture

With food on their plates, everyone will head towards the furniture to have a comfortable seat to enjoy the delicacies. Those spots on the sofa seat cannot ruin anyone’s mood, so it is important to clean them beforehand.


To clean the wooden furniture made using oak, mahogany, and teak, you can rely on regular cleaning wipes and a vacuum cleaner with a sofa cleaning attachment. There is no need to use any wood preservative or varnish when cleaning such stuff.

Just clean the entire frame using wipes, and clean the seats using a vacuum cleaner. The paint of your furniture can chip off after some time, so you should use a wooden paint spray that can fix the chipped areas.

Wrought and cast iron

There’s no doubt that the chairs made using wrought and cast-iron look amazing, but they are prone to rust. To clean the iron, you need a wire wool brush and some paint.

Remove the rust using the wire wool, and then repaint the area to make the furniture look new.

A pro tip: Try to repaint the furniture 3-4 days before the party, as it may take some time to dry up.


Furniture made using a cane isn\’t that durable. If the shape of those round sitting chairs isn’t that great, then consider replacing them with a new set.

Take Out and Clean the Barbecue Grill

A party is incomplete without a lip-smacking barbecue! Take the BBQ grill out and clean it so that you can prepare multiple delicacies on it. Most of the grills are made using cast iron and are prone to rust.

Use wire wool, and scrub all the rust from the grates. Washing the grill isn’t a great thing, but you can clean it using some grill cleaner or vinegar solution.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Even when you think everything is ready, there are some corners inside the house that can still get your impression. Hiring the best professional domestic cleaners in Sydney will make your house ready for the party because everyone will love a spick and span house.

The house cleaners will clean the toilets, rooms, and other such areas of the house. After hiring the cleaning experts, it is essential to go through this “how to prepare your house before the professional cleaners arrive” guide to make their job easy and quick.


With these easy tips, you can spruce up the outdoor of the house to make it ready for any party. Whether it is your birthday or just want your friends to show up for some gossip, it is important to clean the premises.

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