Professional Cleaners Vs. Freelancers: What Makes them Different?

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It’s evident that freelancer cleaners cost less than professional cleaning agencies, but does that make them the best choice? Well, cleaning isn’t just about the cost, as there are several factors involved. So what makes professional cleaners different from freelance cleaners? This read will help you decide which one should you hire.

Most folks get confused about whether they should go for professional cleaners or freelancers when hiring domestic cleaners. And that’s why Effly is here with this post.

In this article, you will find the major differences between freelancers and professional cleaners. Read on, and find out which one you should choose to get your house cleaned.


Reputation is something that sets freelancers and professional cleaners apart. Big names in the industry, have a reputation among the residents, and they can go above and beyond to keep it neat.

But when you hire freelancers, then they aren’t very popular, and the reputation factor is also low.

Because keeping a good reputation is essentially important for professional cleaners, you’ll get a better cleaning service.

Screened Cleaners

Professional cleaners like Effly, screen their employees before hiring. We have a stringent hiring process that requires multiple background checks, police clearances,  and cleaning tests. When you hire professional cleaners, you get the assurance of safety, which is unfortunately not the case with freelancers.

Cost of cleaning

The cost of cleaning could be lower when you hire freelancers, but when compared to the level of services, professional cleaners are a better choice. Yes, you may spend a little more by choosing professional cleaners, but you get the true value for it.

Professional cleaners come equipped with powerful vacuum cleaners, high-quality cleaning supplies, and trained and bonded staff.

Ease of Hiring

Hiring cleaners is as easy as a breeze when you choose professionals like Effly. We have a straightforward process that lets you hire cleaners within 60 seconds. You can choose the type of service, and schedule, and can pay at the time of booking for a seamless process.

Furthermore, we reach on time, so that you don’t have to call us numerous times to get updates on where the cleaners have reached.

But, when you hire freelancers, get ready for a little hassle. As freelancers don’t deal through websites, so the only way to contact them is through the phone.

Also, you cannot track them directly, as you can with professional cleaners.

Quick Payments

When you choose professionals, you don’t have to worry about payments at all. At Effly, we let you make the payment at the time of booking, so you don’t have to worry about any extra charges. With freelancers, the only mode of payment is cash, and there can be some extra charges at the time of booking depending on what services you have taken.

To enjoy safe and quick payments, you should go with professional cleaners.


Experience and know-how aren’t the only two things that you get with professional cleaners. When you go with experts, you get convenience, and that’s what you deserve. The cleaners reach on time, and can even clean the house when you aren’t around.

However, when dealing with freelancers, you don’t get such convenience. Professionals know how to do their job properly, as they are trained for it.

Quick Complaints and Resolutions

This is something big that sets a huge difference between professional cleaners and freelancers. In case you aren’t happy with the service, you can complain to get a solution. Professional cleaners deal through websites and specific portals, so you don’t have to run here and there to lodge your complaint.

Just get in touch with the customer representatives, tell them why you don’t like the services, and discuss the solution they can provide.

But when it comes to freelancers, lodging complaints, and getting a solution can be a pain in the neck. The only mode of communication is calling them, and that can be troubling.

Cleaning Guarantees

With professional cleaners, you get cleaning guarantees. Some professional cleaners in Sydney even clean your facility again if you are unhappy with the services. While some offer credits, and discounts on next bookings.

You don’t get such guarantees with freelancers, and that’s why the residents of Sydney choose professionals when it comes to cleaning their homes.

The flexibility of Choosing Services

From regular cleaning to carpet cleaning and spring cleaning, you get a range of services when hiring professional cleaners. You can choose any service depending on your needs. Furthermore, some cleaning agencies in the Sydney area even let you get add-ons, so you get a great level of service at affordable rates.

On the other hand, freelancers don’t offer flexible services. A freelancer who is an expert in cleaning the floor can have a tough time cleaning the carpets.

With professional cleaners, you get everything in one place. Just choose the type of cleaning services you need, and you are good to go.

Freelancers vs. professional cleaners: What to choose?

Some freelancers out there are doing a great job by providing good services. But with professional cleaners, you get an overall package that comprises quality, affordability, quick resolutions, and everything that you need.

Choosing professionals will be the best thing to do if you need value for money and above that a spotlessly clean house. However, make sure to hire the best professional cleaners to experience excellent cleaning services.


Now that you are well aware of the primary differences between professional and freelancer cleaners. It’ll be easy for you to make an informed decision. Before hiring the cleaners, make sure to go through the customer reviews to ensure that you get great services for the money.

At Effly, we are the best professional cleaners in Sydney that offer fantastic cleaning services at affordable rates. To hire our professional cleaners, click on the Contact Us button.

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