8 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips Can Be Done At Home

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Spring is the best time to freshen up your home. And you can start that with deep spring cleaning. Cleaning in spring prepares your home for the summer. In this blog, we are going over the spring cleaning tips to get your house cleaned and ready for the upcoming season.

Spring Cleaning is the perfect opportunity to do the big tasks that you don’t normally do during the rest of the year.

Traditionally, spring cleaning is done to purge the dirt and viruses that have accumulated during the winter. It is also the time to ensure that our homes are cleaned from top to bottom. 

Spring Cleaning Tips that Will Work for You

These spring cleaning tips and hacks can help you clean the not-so-popular places that you are not sure to tackle. 

Create a spring cleaning checklist 

Start your cleaning by creating a checklist that will guide you through the process.

This spring cleaning tips checklist serves as a general guideline that you can tailor fit to your home. Mind you, there is no hard estimate of how much it will take you to finish your spring cleaning.  

  • Stock up on your cleaning products and equipment: Before you schedule a whole day of cleaning, make sure that you’ve got everything you need. Start stocking up on essentials like spray bottles, microfibre cloth, a couple of sponges, and a good all-purpose cleaner. These supplies cover most of the tasks and your budget. 
  • Dust off the ceilings and walls: Start your spring cleaning by using a vacuum to remove large portions of dust and a degreaser to remove the surface grime. Some products may react on surfaces so, you should be extra careful.
  • Vacuum and clean the rugs and carpets: You can hand wash synthetic rugs and carpets using shampoo. But not too fast. Some may require professional cleaning services. Check the cleaning instructions before you do anything.
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  • Dust off the bookshelves: First, you should remove everything you put on shelves and place it on the floor to clean the shelves. Since you probably have not cleaned them in a long time, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner. Wipe it after with a soft cloth and rearrange everything.
  • Clean your furniture: Clean the soft chairs and cushions by taking them out and giving them a good beating. Once you are done with dusting, use a vacuum cleaner with the crevice tool to clean the narrow portions of the furniture. If you do not know how to clean them, consult with a professional cleaner to avoid ruining them.
  • Polish the door and window hinges and hardware: Use liquid polishes and a soft cloth to clean medium-tarnished hardware while pastes and creams for more tarnished pieces. Be careful when working with these products and avoid spreading them to the nearby area.
  • Dust from top to bottom: To avoid cleaning all over again, always clean from top to bottom. The dust from the ceiling will be easy to vacuum when they accumulate on the floor. 
  • Try to restore your wooden furniture: Use furniture polish to bring out the beauty of your wooden furniture. It will look as good as when you first see it and love it even more.

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Check Your Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are vital for your safety. Make sure to check them and change their batteries. Aside from checking its condition, clean them as well to avoid the dust from settling on the detectors. Check also the fire extinguisher and ensure that every member of the household knows how to use it.

Clean the Windows

Use either a store-bought cleaner or a mild dish washing liquid to clean the glass part of your windows. Clean the blinds and curtains according to their cleaning instructions. 

Make Your Spring Cleaning a Little Smarter

I hope you are not tired from that long list yet. You don’t have to do it all in one day. You can make your spring cleaning a little better with these smart tips.

  • Clean by room to room – create a cleaning checklist for each room to help you tackle your spring cleaning stress-free. This way you don’t have to reclean areas that you cleaned already.
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  • Clear the clutter – follow Marie Kondo and declutter. Sort your belongings into categories – store, out away, give away, and trash. It will make your cleaning process more systematic.
  • Ask for help – rally the troops, even the small kids. Give them kid-appropriate tasks. Turn on the music while cleaning and have fun.
  • Keep your cleaning products to a minimum – too many cleaning supplies can add to the clutter. Just complete the cleaning essentials and purchase only when necessary.

Summing It Up!

After you are done with your spring cleaning (no matter how long it takes!), keep your home clean by taking up small cleaning tasks every day. To make it less intimidating, start small until it becomes a habit. We hope that you learn something from our spring cleaning tips blog. If you need professional cleaning services, contact us via email or call. 

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