The Do’s and Don’ts of Vinyl Floor Maintenance

The Do's and Don'ts of Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Why choose vinyl flooring? It’s affordable, versatile, easy to install, and low maintenance. It’s ideal for busy homeowners who are all about practicality. 

With vinyl flooring, you have tons of design options for every area of your home. You can choose from vinyl composite tile, sheet vinyl, or vinyl plank. Each type offers dozens of designs, whether you’re into prints, solid stone floors, or hardwood-like flooring.

Note that the price varies between $30 to $90/ square meter, depending on the type, design, and quality. But we highly recommend buying from trusted manufacturers like Armstrong FlooringDunlop Flooring, and Kenbrock.

When well-maintained, high-quality vinyl flooring can last up to 15 years. So, here are some vinyl floor maintenance tips from the Effly team to help you keep your vinyl flooring in prime condition.

The Do's and Don'ts of Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Do’s of Vinyl Floor Maintenance

1. Clean your floor regularly.

Like any other floor, cleaning is necessary because dirt and debris can scratch the surface. What’s good with vinyl flooring is that you don’t need fancy tools and solutions to keep it clean and shiny; just a simple sweep or vacuum will do. But do take note that if you’re using a vacuum cleaner, don’t use a beater bar attachment, as this can also scratch your vinyl floor. As an added tip, we recommend placing floor mats on doors and entryways so you, your family, or guests can dust off your shoes before entering and minimize debris in your home.

 2. Keep your vinyl floor dry.

The Do's and Don'ts of Vinyl Floor Maintenance

Although vinyl flooring is water-resistant, you should keep it dry as much as possible because water can seep through the gaps and cause problems to your floor. Since vinyl is glued to your subfloor, moisture can deteriorate the glue bonds and promote mold growth below the surface (which is so icky). 

Yes, you can vinyl planks in your bathroom and kitchen, but make sure to mop it dry afterward to prevent these situations.

3. Be careful when moving furniture.

Floor Cleaning

Don’t drag your furniture whenever you move them because it will scratch your vinyl floor. You can easily carry smaller pieces of furniture, but we suggest you use furniture pads for heavier ones. These handy tools come in different sizes and shapes but have the same rubber base. This way, you can sweep or vacuum your floor better without ruining it.

Don’ts of Vinyl Floor Maintenance

1. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing tools.

Vinyl floors are easy to clean, so you don’t need abrasive cleaning solutions and scrubbing tools. Harsh cleaning chemicals like bleach will damage the surface of your floor, while ammonia-based cleaners can cause your vinyl floors to lose their shine. In addition, using abrasive cleaners and scrubbers will do more harm than good to your vinyl flooring because they strip its protective layer.

2. Avoid using wax-based floor polish.

You’d need to polish your floors occasionally, but always remember to avoid using wax-based products. This type of floor polish leaves a build-up of residue, causing your floor to look dull and making it difficult to clean.

You can easily create your homemade floor polish using vinegar or baking soda. Mix 4 tablespoons of baking soda with 3 liters of warm water, a cup of white vinegar, one tablespoon of mineral oil and liquid soap, and 4 liters of warm water. Apply the vinegar or baking soda solution to your floor for 10 minutes, then mop it again with plain water. 

3. Don’t use steam cleaners.

Steam cleaning is one method of sanitizing floors because steam can eliminate bacteria, viruses, and allergens. However, steam cleaning isn’t good for vinyl flooring as the steam can lead to moisture build-up underneath the surface and cause the vinyl to warp. Instead, spray Lysol or a mild disinfectant solution on your vinyl floor.

The key to vinyl floor maintenance is proper cleaning. As long as you use the right tools and methods, your floor can last long. Or better yet, leave the cleaning to professionals like us at Effly. Our cleaners are trained and equipped with experience and methods, so they know how to correctly clean whatever floor you have.

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