Top 10 Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Melbourne Abode

Top 10 Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Melbourne Abode

One way to ensure the cleanliness of your home is to never run out of cleaning supplies.

If you keep a cleaning schedule like our cleaners at Effly, it's even more important to keep a stock of cleaning supplies, so you won't waste time running to the grocery just to buy a pair of rubber gloves or a bottle of all-purpose cleaner.

We've rounded up ten (yes, just ten because you only need the basics, plus soap) cleaning supplies you need for the different areas of your home that you must never run out of to keep it tidy and spotless.

Cleaning CaddyTop 10 Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Melbourne Abode

Putting your cleaning supplies in a caddy will help you carry them easily around the house when you clean. You also avoid misplacing them because you're less likely to leave small items like a sponge and cloth on random surfaces.

A good cleaning caddy is durable, spacious, and has sturdy handles to hold all your cleaning supplies (except for the larger ones). If you don't have one, check Ezy Storage's Cleaning Caddy.

Top 10 Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Melbourne AbodeMicrofibre Cloth

Microfibre cloth has many uses. You can use it to wipe spills, dust surfaces, remove glass stains, and disinfect kitchen counters. We suggest you keep at least two, one for dusting dry surfaces and one for wiping down surfaces with soapy water or a multipurpose cleaner.


Disinfectant Wipes

Top 10 Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Melbourne Abode

You can use disinfectant wipes to sanitize your tables, kitchen counters, stove top, shelves, and bathroom sink. Use the wipes after wiping or scrubbing hard surfaces with a multipurpose cleaner since this product can only clean the surface, not sanitize it.

Keep these wipes away from children as they contain stronger chemicals that can be harsh on the skin.

BrushesTop 10 Cleaning Supplies You Need for Your Melbourne Abode

Sometimes using a cloth isn't enough to remove stubborn stains and dirt in hard-to-reach areas. We recommend keeping two types of brushes on hand: a larger one and a detail brush. You can use the larger one for wide surfaces like your sink, floor, wall tiles, and bathtub. A good old toothbrush will do as a detail brush for scrubbing narrow corners and other nooks and crannies. Avoid using these tools on stone countertops and glass.

Multipurpose cleanerUniversal Cleaner 4L

A good quality multipurpose cleaner can be used in different areas of your home. You can use it to clean your windows, bathroom surfaces, kitchen sink, cupboards and shelves, and floor. We recommend using the Koh Universal Cleaner since it is eco-friendly, allergy-friendly, and cruelty-free, besides being highly effective.

Vacuum cleaner Vacuum

Using a vacuum can save you time and energy when cleaning your floors, upholstery, and carpet and keep dust allergens under control. Whether you have a small or large place, there's a vacuum model for your home. Some of these multipurpose machines can now function as mops and clean themselves.

Check out some of Good Housekeeping's top vacuum picks:


Mopping the floor

Even if you have a multifunctional vacuum already, a mop is still a cleaning must-have. Cleaning up small spills and drying wet floors don't require a vacuum so a mop can be handy. Any mop you have at home will do the job, whether a flat mop, a microfibre one, or a sponge mop.

Rubber GlovesRubber Gloves

Cleaning chemicals can be harsh, so wearing rubber gloves can protect your skin from exposure. But the most important reason for wearing gloves is to protect yourself from the bacteria and viruses you are trying to eliminate when cleaning.


Spray BottleSpray Bottle

Having a spray bottle at home will always come in handy. Use this handy tool to distribute your cleaning products efficiently and avoid spilling them. Plus, you get to save money buying cleaning chemicals in refillable pouches instead of in bottles.


Lint RollerLint Roller

If you have pets at home, a lint roller is a must-have. Whether you have allergies or not, having pet fur sticking on your clothes, couch, and pillows is not a good sight. Get rid of it easily using a lint roller, and since this tool is disposable, we suggest keeping an extra one.

Having cleaning supplies ready helps you stick to your cleaning schedule or allow you to clean your home whenever you want without the last-minute grocery trips. But we also understand that you may not always have the time and energy for this, and that's when you can rely on our services to get the job done.

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