8 Dirty Carpets Secrets You Need to Know

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Undeniable, the carpet is the most comfortable, softest, and cosy type of flooring. Furthermore, it helps in insulating the room temperature, making it an ideal flooring for houses and offices. But what to do when you have dirty carpets?

That plush pile is hiding a lot of secrets that you need to know. One thing that people often overlook while cleaning is the carpet. 

Cleaning a carpet is hard as a few vacuum swoops aren't enough to make it spick and span.

Here are eight dirty carpets secrets that the carpets are hiding from you. 

Cleaning Dirty Carpets

1. Pollen 

Pollen is a year-around problem that you'll find in every home. The favourite spot of pollen is the carpet, and the dusty stuff settles down on the rug. There are numerous severe side effects of inhaling pollen such as hay fever, and it is even hazardous for people with breathing issues.

The Best Solution:

Try to keep the windows and doors close and vacuum clean the carpets once or twice a week. If you are an allergy sufferer, then check out this easy cleaning guide we have specially designed for folks struggling with allergies. 

2. Kitty litter 

Do you have a lovely kitty? Well, then the carpets will certainly be hiding kitty litter from you. No doubt, the fluffy cats are cute, but they are a litter box as well. 

After the kitty litter hits the rugs, it finds its way down into the fabric making cleaning even hard, while spreading odour all around the house.

The Best Solution: 

The best solution to get rid of kitty litter is buying a nubby pad. The pad trap loses the litter and helps in cleaning your cat's feet as well.

3. Dirt 

An unclean carpet can hold a lot of dirt, all thanks to the shoes, slippers, and pet paws! Furthermore, cleaning dirt from a carpet is taxing as well as challenging, since merely vacuuming doesn't help.

Once the dirt gets trapped in the carpet's fabric, it increases the chances of stains and mould growth. Moreover, dirt curtails the lifespan of the carpet, and it can cost you a new carpet every year.

The Best Solution 

The best solution for cleaning dirt from the carpets is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service company. Also, place doormats at all entryways so that the visitors can dust their shoes before entering the house.

Make sure to vacuum clean the carpets once a week to ensure no dirt is there.

4. Mould 

The biggest problem with carpets is that they absorb any liquid quickly. The absorption rate is so quick that the carpet absorbs the liquid fully before you blot it dry. Those spattered soft drinks and spilt milk can wick down deep into the rugs resulting in the growth of different types of mould. 

Mould can lead to foul odour, and it can even trigger several allergies. Cleaning mould from the carpets isn't viable with regular vacuum cleaning, so hiring professional carpet cleaners will be a good idea.

The Best Solution 

Get into action and blot it dry whenever you spill some liquid on the carpets. Moreover, invest in a quality enzyme cleaner to break down the stains and clean them easily.

5. Bugs 

As per some studies, houses with carpets tend to attract more insects than non-carpeted homes. If you have rugs in your home, then you will find bugs roaming around them. The thing that attracts the bugs is stains, foul odour, and dirt.

The Best Solution 

If you don't want your lovely carpets to be a bug cemetery, then it is crucial to keep the windows closed during the day. Also, patch the window openings so that bugs cannot enter your home. 

Keeping the carpets clean is another essential thing you need to do to keep the bugs and flies away.

6. Dog Poop 

Just like your kitty, your dog is also contributing a lot to the dirty carpets. Also, the dog's paws carry a lot of dirt, dust, and microorganisms whenever you take it out for a walk. 

The poop sticking to its feet lands on the carpet, and then gets tangled into the fabrics. Dog poop also results in the growth of bacteria, and bugs also love flying on the waste resulting in soiled carpets.

The Best Solution 

The best solution to this problem is to keep your dog's paws clean. Always take it out for a walk, so that it can drop the poop outside the house. Moreover, bathe your pet twice a week, as bacteria also love to reside on a pet's coat.

7. Skin Flakes 

Everyone sheds skin flakes, be it you, your kids, or furry friends. As per a report, a human shed around 1.5 million skin flakes every day. Multiply this number by the people in your home, and you will get a rough idea of how many flakes your rug accommodates.

Dust mites and bugs love to feed on the skin flakes, and there can't be anything grosser than this. 

The Best Solution 

Vacuum clean the carpet regularly, and keep it dry, as dust mites love moisture, and grow rapidly in places with high humidity. 

9. Germs and Bacteria 

Germs and bacteria are abundant on the carpets. These microscopic elements can lead to multiple allergies and are harmful to humans, as well as pets. 

When there are so many effects of germs, how can you leave them on the carpet? 

The Best Solution 

The only solution to get rid of germs and bacteria is steam cleaning the carpets. Effly is here to offer steam cleaning services at affordable rates. Our cleaning technicians come equipped with all the cleaning tools required to make your carpets spotlessly clean.

Final Thoughts 

These are the eight dirty carpets secrets that your carpets are hiding. Being an expert carpet cleaner, it was our responsibility to make you aware of all the secrets. 

We even tried to list the best solutions that you can follow to make those dirty carpets look clean while enhancing their lifespan. 

Lastly, it is essential to hire a professional carpet cleaner to ensure that the carpets remain clean. Residents can always count on Effly when it comes to carpet cleaning.

We can clean all types of carpets, including residential and commercial. To hire our expert cleaners, click on the Contact Us, and we'll be there to exterminate all the stains, bacteria, and other elements that are stopping your carpets from looking their best.

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