7 Vacuum Cleaning Tips to Clean Your House Like a Pro

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Vacuuming your space isn’t as easy as it sounds! Just gliding the vacuum head over the floor won’t make it clean, and that’s why we are here with this article.

Vacuum cleaning the floor once a week is a must to keep dust away. Doing so will also make the floor and rugs look neat and clean. Continue reading to know the dos and don’ts of vacuuming and cleaning your house like a pro.

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Tips to Get Great Results from Regular Vacuum Cleaning

1. Set aside your things first and then Start

Before you start cleaning and press the power button of the vacuum cleaner, it is essential to put away the objects that you can easily put aside. Temporarily store the rugs and carpets so you can clean the entire floor. But as for tables and couches, move them aside so you get a wide space for cleaning.

2. Make a schedule

Vacuuming is truly essential to keep the floor clean. One way to make sure that you don’t skip the chore, we recommend that you make a cleaning schedule and stick to it. 

Depending on how busy your house is, you might need to vacuum more than once a week. If you entertain guests, we advise that you vacuum clean your house at least thrice a week. 

Use the reminder app on your phone and set multiple reminders.

3. Use special attachments

Special attachments are included with your vacuum for a reason. Most vacuums come with a pet dander cleaning attachment, which is very helpful if you’re a pet owner when you clean your rugs and couch.

In case attachments are not included, you can buy a set online. Just make sure that you buy one that’s compatible with your vacuum.

4. Clean the high-traffic areas twice

The high-traffic areas in your house attract a lot of dust and dirt. These are usually the living area, drawing room, and gaming room. You need to clean these areas twice to make them spick and span. Using a powerful vacuum cleaner will be great as it lets you clean the area on the go.

5. Keep the vacuum cleaner clean

Cleaning the vacuum becomes much more essential when you use the vacuum cleaner regularly. It would be best if you never forgot to clean the cleaning filter.

The dust filter of a vacuum cleaner has a limited life, and it needs replacing after some time. The same goes for dust bags, so it’s good to keep an extra pack on hand. Furthermore, replace the dust bags after some time. 

6. Vacuum clean the furniture

A lot of people skip cleaning the furniture because it can be really tedious. But with a vacuum cleaner, you can easily catch the dust spread over the upholstery. Just make sure to use the right attachment to avoid damaging the fabric.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid While Using A Vacuum Cleaner

1. Remove the dust bag while wet cleaning

If your vacuum has a wet cleaning option, remove the dust bag before cleaning. The dust bag is suitable for collecting dry waste only, and it will get damaged when exposed to water.

After removing the dust bag, keep it in a safe place, and put it again into the vacuum cleaner after drying it.

2. Skip using the worn-out cleaning head 

If the cleaning head of the vacuum cleaner is already worn-out, then it’s time to get a new one. Buy a new cleaning head to ensure that your upholstery doesn’t get damaged from vacuuming.

3. Never clean a dry and wet floor together

Never clean a dry and a wet floor together all at once to protect the dust bag. Clean the dry area first, then remove the dust bag and clean the wet area for optimal cleaning.

Final Thoughts!

With these easy vacuum cleaning tips, you can make your house spotlessly clean. Make sure to use a powerful vacuum cleaner so that you can clean the area quickly. 

Moreover, use the right attachments to ensure that you don’t damage the wooden laminate or upholstery while cleaning.

Lastly, hire reliable professional cleaners like us at Effly for optimal cleaning results. 

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