A DIY Guide to Clean the Front Yard this Spring

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Spring in Sydney becomes worth it when you get ample time to spend with your family relaxing in your yard on your favourite rocking chair.

Moreover, you can do many activities while sipping a chilled drink and spending the entire day. But to enjoy yourself with your family or friends, you need a spick and span front yard ready to welcome the folks.
Not everyone pays attention to their yard, and as a result, it gets dirty; it is more likely that you will drop the idea of spending a day in the yard after seeing its condition.
Wait, here is a DIY guide that will help you clean the front yard to look neat and clean. Read on to find where to start and where to end!

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Get Some Free Space

Start by decluttering the yard. Move the plant pots and furniture you have kept in the yard to get enough space to clean them. Furthermore, remove the lampshades and removable wall sconces so you can also clean them.
Some people use their yard for temporary storage; if you are one of those, get rid of the clutter and make some free space so the yard looks clean.
A clean yard is ideal for spending quality time with your friends and family and adds value to your home, so it should always be neat and clean.

Start with the Cleaning

To start with the cleaning, you need the following essentials:

When was the last time you cleaned the front yard? If you don’t remember, then get ready for some serious action as you have to deal with cobwebs, dirty walls, and stained floors. Spiders and other such insects would have considered your yard their permanent residence, and it is time to show them the way out.
Start by removing the cobwebs; use a broom with a long stick so you can easily clean every corner. After removing the cobwebs, it is time to wipe the walls.
Use an old rag and dust the walls and other places, such as the wall sconce holder, the mailbox, and other accessories or artefacts. Clean everything you see around the front yard, including the surrounding walls.
Finish off by mopping the floor using a floor cleaner detergent and a mop. Put the accumulated debris into the trash bin and proceed to the next step.
We understand that it can feel overwhelming after hearing that you have so much to do, but there is a way out to save you from the hassle! Hire the best professional cleaners in Sydney and sit back while watching your yard getting cleaned.

Give the Windows Your Special Care

The windows deserve your special care as dirty wood will damage much easier. Windows are essential to every house and contribute a lot to its value.
Use an old cloth and clean the window panes thoroughly. To clean the glass, use a good-quality glass cleaner and wipe off all the stains and marks on the window.
When cleaning the glass move the sponge in a circular motion, as this is the best technique to clean the glass.
A pro tip: If you don’t have a sponge to clean the glass, use old newspapers. Crush the newspaper and then clean the glass thoroughly.

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Wash the Entire Yard

After your special attention to the windows, it is time to wash the yard. Use a water hose and get a brush with a long handle to easily wash the entire yard. If possible, get a pressure washer to effectively remove the dust and dirt.
Furthermore, you can also create pressure with the regular water hose by using the finger block technique. If you aren’t getting good pressure from the hose, follow these tips to fix the issue.
Avoid spraying water on electrical appliances such as wall sconces, light fixtures, and switchboards when washing the yard.

Remove Stains and Spots

You can hide the stains and spots on the walls using plant pots and paintings, but cleaning them would be even better. Get a good-quality cleaning solution and a sponge to remove the stains and spots.

You may find removing stubborn stains challenging, but it is worth the effort. In case you aren’t able to clean the stains or you think it isn’t your cup of tea, give a shot to the professional cleaners.
Hire the best cleaners in Sydney that can clean the spots and stains while making the entire house spotlessly clean.

Give the Floor a Rinse Again

Take the water hose and spray the water on the floor again. Put water everywhere, and don’t cut corners to clean the entire front yard. To clean the tight spots, use a damp cloth or wrap a rag around the mop and clean these areas.

Sweep the Floor

Now it is time to sweep the floor so that you can prepare it for the furniture and other stuff you have removed before cleaning. Get help from your friends or hire professional cleaners, as sweeping the entire yard can be a hassle.

A pro tip: If you have a wooden floor, then avoid putting too much water on it. Follow a hardwood floor cleaning process or let the professionals do it.

Rearrange the Front Yard

Rearrange the yard by getting the furniture, cleaning wall sconces, and other things you have removed from the area. Place everything carefully so that the yard looks spacious and clean.

Before putting the wall sconces back in place, clean them with a cloth and ensure the circuit is dry. Give the final touch-ups, and your yard will be ready to host a beautiful evening for you and your loved ones.Spring Cleaning- A DIY Guide to Clean the Front Yard this Spring

Final Thoughts

It is imperative to clean the yard every few months so that it doesn’t get dirty and in a place where no one wants to go. Follow this DIY guide and clean the yard to look incredibly neat.
Cleaning a yard won’t be easy as the area to be cleaned can be massive, depending on the size of your property.

At Effly, we are readily available to help you whenever you need us. Our professional cleaners can remove the burden from your shoulders so you can spend time with your family.

So you haven’t booked the cleaners yet? Click on the Contact Us button to hire our expert cleaners today.

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